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Smart class

Smart class connects students, mentors and devices to provide an enriching learning experience.

Splash pool

Water play is included in the timetable through splash pool sessions. The activities help to improve the child's cognitive skills along with strengthening muscles. The sessions are fun and boosts social growth.

Puppet Corner

Puppet shows enhance visual learning along with great developmental benefits like language, social and emotional. It creates interaction and adds a surprise element in the play and learn sessions.


Gym sessions improves strength, flexibility and endurance. Our age appropriate curriculum is designed to facilitate ongoing development and have fun.

Healthy Bites (GEM Snack)

GEM encourages healthy eating. Kids should be offered all types of healthy food and discouraged from being a picky eater. Here at GEM Kids, children are served nutritious snacks during the GEM Snack hour (11.00 a.m.). The menu is planned well in advance and has almost all healthy breakfast items.. It is intimated to the parents a week ahead. It comes at an added cost.

Health check-up

Health check-ups are important as they help to assess the normal development of a child, early detection of any disease/abnormalities along with providing a baseline for future reference. Annual comprehensive health check-up is done at GEM and the parents are provided with the health card.

Field trips

Field trips are an important aspect of preschool curriculum. The trips help the kids explore and gain knowledge along with increasing their confidence. GEM conducts monthly field trips to various places like police station, fire station, post office, hospitals etc thereby making the kids get acquainted with reality.

Play equipments

We have a variety of play equipment which helps to develop the physical, emotional and social skills that children need. Play sessions hold prime position in early childhood learning. We have a well designed structure related to both indoor and outdoor play. More than fun, the items initiate important body systems to develop and function properly.